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Themed Discussion and Networking Event – Teachable Moments in Disease Prevention – 31.10.19

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A teachable moment is an event or experience which presents an opportunity to learn. This event will focus disease prevention, particularly around cancer.

The BRC Themed Discussion and Networking Events are designed to provide all staff and students with:

  • The opportunity to update their knowledge and skills on P4 Medicine (Predictive, Preventive, Personalised and Participatory)
  • The opportunity to raise awareness of the breadth of BRC activity and thereby instil a sense of identity, collegiality and a common purpose
  • This interactive workshop is an opportunity to learn more about teachable moments and how these can be used in disease prevention

Learning outcomes will include:

  • Understanding what a teachable moment is;
  • Understanding patient and HCP perspectives on teachable moments;
  • When and how to take advantage of these opportunities.


09:00 – Event introduction and Teachable Moments – Professor Gareth Evans

09:20 – Teachable moments defined – Dr Lucie Byrne-Davis

09:40 – Teachable moments in lifestyle interventions in cancer prevention and management – Dr Michelle Harvie

10:00 – The nurse perspective – Alison Musson

10:15 – Awareness of secondary breast cancer: a patient perspective – Jo Taylor

10:30 – Cancer Prevention and Early Detection teachable moments: A Primary Care perspective – Dr Helena O’Flynn

10:50 – Break

11:10 – Breakout Sessions

  • When and how can we engage young women with lifestyle change to prevent weight gain? – Mary Pegington
  • Barriers to Change – Dr Lorna McWilliams
  • Using disease and pre-disease states as teachable moments – Professor Kenneth Muir
  • Inclusive research – Tracy Grey

12:30 – Lunch