NIHR | Manchester Biomedical Research Centre

For Industry

Manchester BRC has long-standing experience of delivering collaborative commercial work and we pride ourselves on prioritising this approach as a way of driving patient benefit.

Our Aims

The NIHR Manchester BRC vision is to drive health improvements for all by identifying and bridging gaps between new discoveries and individualised care.

The ultimate goals of our research efforts are to:

  • Understand the illnesses most relevant to the population of our region
  • Find new ways to make correct diagnoses and treat disease
  • Discover how to prevent ill-health in people.

Our Research Themes

To enable partnership working, our research is focused on 13 research themes grouped into 4 clusters:

A circle split into quarters. Each quarter shows a cluster and the research themes within that cluster.

How we can work together

We support a broad range of commercial partners including but not limited to: Pharma, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), MedTech, BioTech and in vitro diagnostic companies. We aim to create partnerships in a bespoke manner by focusing on strategic crossover between our organisations.

Strategic Partnerships infographic

Contact Us

To explore opportunities to work together contact our dedicated Innovation and Partnerships Team by completing this Google Form or emailing us directly at