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Rare Conditions

More than 3.5 million people in the UK are affected by one of more than 7,000 rare conditions.

Two-thirds of rare conditions cause chronic disability; over 75% affect children and 80% have a genetic origin. More than half of rare conditions cause early death and most have no treatment.

Different rare conditions can affect individuals in many ways, however there are similar challenges common to all, including:

  •  The need for timely diagnosis
  • Defining clinical outcomes
  • Personalised, disease-specific, effective treatments

Building upon existing multi-disciplinary clinical, scientific, and methodological expertise, we will use a diverse range of experimental approaches to drive innovation in these areas.

Our Rare Conditions Theme contains three programmes:

  • Improved diagnosis, understanding and prevention of rare conditions
  • Understanding the impacts and outcomes of rare conditions
  • Novel treatments for rare conditions

Rare conditions impact patients across all ages, sexes, socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. We work closely with our communities in Manchester.

Guided by our inclusive, vibrant patient group, we have established the Manchester Rare Conditions Centre to provide coordinated, expert clinical care for children and adults with rare conditions.