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NIHR BioResource Volunteer Recruitment Available for Clinical Research Studies – 2019 Application Dates

Support for volunteer recruitment to clinical research is available through the National Institute for Healthcare Research (NIHR) BioResource, with applications now open throughout 2019.

With a panel of over 100,000 volunteers across England, both with and without health conditions, the BioResource is now welcoming applications from researchers recruiting to studies, specifically by volunteers’ genotype and phenotype.

About the NIHR BioResource and Manchester Centre:

The NIHR BioResource has an extensive panel of volunteers from across England who have agreed to be contacted for research studies.

It aims to investigate the links between their genes, the environment, health and disease, by building a national database of volunteers’ DNA and other information, such as their lifestyle or family history. Health researchers can quickly call upon this database to help their research, or contact volunteers to see if they’d like to participate in new studies or experimental medicines.

The NIHR BioResource Centre Manchester is one of thirteen BioResource Centres across England. As well as leading recruitment within the local area, the Manchester Centre leads recruitment for five rare diseases.

How to apply to the NIHR BioResource:

If you are interested in having your study supported by the NIHR BioResource, you can contact the national coordinating team to discuss your potential application. The team will help to talk you through the feasibility of your study and any potential changes to study ethics before you apply.

The team can be contacted on:

0800 090 22 33

If you then wish to apply, you application will need to be submitted to the BioResource Steering Committee / Scientific Advisory Board for approval, before the study can commence.

Once a study is approved by the Steering Committee, all 13 BioResources centres across England can recruit locally to the study.

Deadlines for applications to the BioResource Steering Committee / Scientific Advisory Board are:

  • Saturday 18 May 2019
  • Saturday 17 August 2019
  • Saturday 23 November 2019

Further information on the application process and how to apply can be found below: