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BRC holds successful risk prediction workshop

On Thursday 21st June 90 people attended the BRC’s improving clinical pathways through prediction of health risks and outcomes workshop to find out more about using large data sets to aid prediction strategies.

The event was opened by BRC Director, Professor Ian Bruce who gave an overview of the about the BRC. The workshop then began with an introduction from Niels Peek, Professor of Health Informatics and BRC lead for Informatics and Data Sciences, which included an overview on the topic, how this is embedded within the BRC and the agenda for the morning session.

Four researchers then took to the stage to present case studies, learnings and methodology of how prediction models and working with large data sets can be applied to improve clinical pathways.

After a short break delegates then split off into four breakout sessions, with tasks and exercises in the following topics:

  • Using routine data to develop prediction models,
  • Advanced statistical modelling methods
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence methods
  • Deployment of prediction models and benefit analysis.

After a discussion and feedback session the event was brought to a close with an informal lunch and networking session.

Commenting on the success of the event, Niels Peek said:

It was fascinating to attend lively discussions about the potential of health data and algorithms to transform medicine. Manchester has a thriving community in this area, and fantastic opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration in informatics and data science.