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Manchester BRC’s science comes alive in The Community Festival

Manchester BRC research themes will come alive with some fun activities on Saturday 15 June as part of The University of Manchester’s Community Festival.

The Community Festival showcases the cutting-edge research of one of the UK’s leading universities and is open to all comers from 11.00 – 16.00.

Researchers from the Musculoskeletal, Dermatology and Hearing Health themes will engage visitors with hands-on sessions highlighting the science associated with these areas.

Attendees will be able to make key rings, which change colour depending on ultra violet light, and DNA bracelets on the joint MSK/Dermatology stand.

Hearing Health has an activity book where participants can earn stickers for information they collect and attendees can find out what the inside of an ear looks like, see if they can shout as loud as a parrot and play ‘guess the face’, which involves listening to different sounds through headphones.

As well as Manchester BRC’s Public Programmes’ team members, Susannah Williams, Cassie Wilson, Paolo Arru and Katharine Cresswell, the following MSK and Dermatology researchers will be helping at the event: Annie Yarwood, Zahra Arain, Clare Richardson, Lucy Buckingham, Marta Koszyczarek, Andrea Murray, Debs Griffiths Jones and Maha Abo-Tabik.

Hearing Health will be represented by: Cath Wright, Wendy Lamb, Helen Whiston, Mel Lough, Alison Edwards, Rebecca Millman, Peter Carolan, Sam Couth, Katie Sadler, Rachel Mahood, Iain Jackson, Karolina Kluk-de-Kort and Kerry Ware.

The Manchester BRC team will be at University Place on Oxford Road for the festival.