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Our Research: Respiratory


We work closely with NIHR Biomedical Research Centres and other parts of NIHR infrastructure:

Our Respiratory theme joins researchers with charities, industry and key infrastructure support to combat the burden of respiratory diseases.

These include:


In the UK, our theme is part of the MRC funded COPD-MAP and founding partner of the UK Early COPD cohort funded by the British Lung Foundation and industry. We are part of the recently established European project CADSET – Chronic Airway Diseases Stratification by Endotypes. We are world-leading in clinical trials in COPD and work with almost all pharmaceutical companies with an interest in COPD.


Our fungal disease research is undertaken in the UK and across the world, currently in Uganda, Nigeria and Indonesia. We partner with diagnostic and antifungal development companies to deliver a better understanding of fungal diseases, optimise diagnostics and therapies, and identify resistance. A major theme is chronic pulmonary aspergillosis after TB, on which we have worked with the World Health Organisation to develop a definition of disease for low resource settings. Fungal diagnostic provision is part of the solution to AMR, to reduce antibacterial empiricism.