National Institute for Health Research Biomedical Research Centre
Our Research: Informatics and Data Sciences

Disruptive advance – integrative system-wide methodology

We will deliver a cross-cutting, integrative and scalable methodology across: bioinformatics, biostatistics, computer science, epidemiology, health economics and health informatics, with data sources such as clinical records, molecular profiles and wearable devices.

This will support:

  • Discovery – Joined-up biomarker-phenomarker modelling, including new data sources, will increase the ability of our BRC to discover biologically distinct subgroups of disease and treatment-response more efficiently.
  • Bio/phenomarker revalidation – Harnessing the move from data sets to data streams in a more connected world, to keep complex clinical predictive algorithms up to date – learning from healthcare data as contexts of disease and care evolve.
  • Bio/phenomarker contextualisation – Integrating biotechnologies with the analytics of data from clinical care and from the digital by-products of everyday life via mobile, wearable and ubiquitous technologies – revealing new interactions of biology, behaviour and environment.