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Cancer Prevention and Early Detection

The number of people who develop and die from cancer in Greater Manchester are significantly higher than the English average. We also know that in Greater Manchester and the North West cancer is often not detected early enough.

Cancer Prevention and Early Detection is about combating cancer before the disease becomes too difficult to treat. Prevention is about understanding the causes of cancer, assessing cancer risk where possible and mitigating against the risks. Early detection relies on the ability to identify cancer in its infancy or in a pre-cancerous state, before the disease has spread and while it is still relatively easy to treat.

Greater Manchester is home to world-leading researchers in, with particular expertise in risk stratification and early detection strategies in breast, gynaecological and lung cancer.  We also have early strengths in prostate and colorectal cancer.

Our cancer prevention and early detection research

Watch Professor Gareth Evans introduce the Cancer Prevention & Early Detection Theme.

Our researchers discover the best precision prevention strategies for individuals at high risk of developing cancer and have expertise in implementing such strategies in the NHS and in communities.

A key priority is to engage with patients and the public at all stages of our research, with a key objective to reduce health inequalities, improving connections and collaborations with community groups and PPI/E resource and expertise in Manchester, ensuring the right people are engaged with our research at the right time.

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