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Our Research: Biomarker Platforms

Clinical imaging

Greater Manchester’s clinical imaging facilities are essential to the BRC’s ability to develop imaging biomarkers, allowing the detection of subtle changes in physiology and pathology before they are detected clinically, and to embed these techniques into standard clinical practice.

Positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) capabilities underpin a number of our research themes.

We are:

  • Using functional MRI (fMRI) and PET/MRI imaging to identify patterns of neuronal activation, assess changes in neurotransmission in disease states and the interactions between sensations evoking cough and breathlessness
  • Using fMRI and cognitive assessments for lupus to stratify key subsets of cognitive dysfunction and pilot a personalised approach to improve cognition and overall HRQoL
  • Developing New Imaging and Molecular Biomarkers for prevention and early detection in cancer