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Biomarker Platforms

A biomarker is any measurable diagnostic indicator, which can be found in tissue, blood and other bodily fluids, used to assess the risk or presence of disease.

Our BRC works across all of of our clinical research themes to discover new biomarkers. These can be used to develop new tests and techniques (including imaging, genomic, DNA or blood protein measurements) to aid clinical decisions/stratify patients into specific groups, so they can receive the most appropriate care for them.

In other words, we define the risk of the patient having a particular disease, or how they are likely to respond to a particular drug or therapy. This precision medicine approach is helping improve the outcome for patients and moves away from a “one size fits all” approach to medicine.

Greater Manchester’s Biomarker Platform has had major investment in the last few years and brings together expertise and facilities in genomics, proteomics, clinical imaging, biostatistics and implementation within an integrated research infrastructure. It allows the BRC to access facilities, expertise and equipment essential for an efficient biomarker research ecosystem, focused on advancing discovery through to clinical implementation.

Our biomarker platforms cross-cutting theme

Watch Professor Tony Whetton talk about the work of the BRC biomarker platforms cross-cutting theme.

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