NIHR | Manchester Biomedical Research Centre

Our strategy

The NIHR Manchester Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) is a cutting-edge research centre of excellence that drives forward research to address major health challenges and transforms the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Manchester BRC sits at the heart of Greater Manchester’s (GM) research and innovation revolution, improving health and wealth for our region.

Building upon Manchester’s deep heritage in science, invention and entrepreneurship, Manchester BRC is utilising our world-leading experimental medicine, coupled with pioneering technologies and informatics capability, to accelerate new discoveries through translational research.

Our strategy focuses on 13 research areas of expertise where we can offer significant impact to drive forward health improvements and lasting change, locally in our diverse Greater Manchester population, but also nationally and across the globe. We are working with industry and charity partners, along with patients, research participants, and the public, to achieve these goals.

P4 medicine

Across all research areas the Manchester BRC promotes a precision medicine approach to disease prevention and treatment. By taking into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle clinical and research teams can predict more accurately which prevention and treatment strategies will work best.

Manchester BRC takes this personalised approach one step further via a P4 medicine strategy, to deliver care which:

  1. Predicts disease
  2. Prevents disease
  3. Personalises treatment pathways
  4. Empowers patients to participate in healthcare

P4 medicine is only made possible by a dynamic multidisciplinary team working together with our BRC infrastructure. We learn from each other, share ideas, discoveries, and methods across our BRC Faculty to drive forward our research and provide maximum health benefits in the most cost and time efficient manner.

Reducing Health Inequalities

The reduction of health inequalities is a key priority for us. We believe that all sections of society should benefit from our work, and disease burden remains disproportionately loaded in socially disadvantaged groups – this is particularly significant in GM. Working with our partners across the city-region, we are engaging and involving our diverse patients, participants, and the public, to help shape, design participate in and evaluate our work.

Patient and Public Involvement, Engagement and Participation (PPIEP) strategy

This outlines a joint Patient and Public Involvement, Engagement and Participation (PPIEP) strategy between the NIHR Manchester Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) and NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility (CRF) to embed PPIEP. Our inclusive research infrastructure brings people and place into the heart of our research so that it is better delivered, more informed and serves our diverse communities. Our PPIEP strategy is delivered in close collaboration with Vocal.

This strategy has been co-developed with patients, researchers, research staff, members of the public and community partners from across our region and is based on the following values;

  • Everyone Matters
  • Working Together
  • Driving Excellence
  • Innovating