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Tips for researchers

Our tips for researchers were devised in collaboration with the BAMER Research Advisory Group (BRAG) to help them reduce health inequalities in research.

BRAG was established to meet the commitment made by Manchester University Foundation Trust’s Public Programmes Team (PPT), to improve the diversity of patients and public who are engaged and involved in their work, as well as research undertaken by the Manchester Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) and the Manchester Clinical Research Facility (CRF).

BRAG aims to:

  • provide advice to ensure the experiences and insight of BAMER communities is embedded into how the research of the Manchester BRC and CRF is developed, designed and executed
  • support and review how the PPT is collectively meeting its overarching strategic objective in relation to diversity and inclusion
  • take an active role in championing.

Tips for researchers

1. Present information about the research clearly and visually:

  • try to use a maximum of five slides.

2. Be clear about why you are coming to the group:

  • what expertise and input are you looking for?
  • can you specify any constraints?

3.    Include information about how your research/topic area is relevant to people from BAME groups and those from lower socio-economic backgrounds:

  • how does the issue affect different communities?
  • what is known already and what is not known?

4.    Consider what research has been done globally:

  • how might such research inform your approach?

5.    Be aware of the role that language and interpretation can play in people’s experiences of health care and research.

6.    Be aware of cultural and religious restrictions, norms that can affect people’s experiences of health care and research.

7.    Feed back to the group six months after meeting:

  • what impact has BRAG input had on your research?